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Strategic Planning

Do you need somebody to challenge your ideas? Are your strategic projects stuck because of lack of time or adequate team?

Teniero counts on years of experience in helping business owners, CEOs and Board of Directors serving as advisor for business ideas and in moving their strategic projects ahead.

Past projects include: 

  • Redefinition of group strategy for packaging machinery manufacturer. Change of commercial focus and corporate image.
  • Design and implementation of growth plan leading to a 98% sales increase over 3 years for construction services company.
  • Advisor to BoD for challenging strategic roadmap, its governance and change management approach for machinery manufacturer.
  • Advisor to CEO for strategic direction and financial planning in industrial service company.
  • Evaluation of internationalization strategy leading to the stop of the expansion plan for a manufacturer of home decoration items.
  • Project lead for redefinition of distribution strategy for large chemicals company that led the company to triple its market reach.
  • Definition of the strategic positioning and identification of new business opportunities offered by eCommerce for a leading logistics service provider.
  • Analysis of strategic market positioning of a Spanish logistics service provider during a due diligence process for a European investment bank.